idols suck my 90’s ass

are you fucking kidding me??? ok i miss my mikalah gordon (shalom girl shalom) – ok – i consider the 90’s to be the some of best years of my life – especially the late 90’s (working at mtv – having a kick-ass brooklyn heights apt (who can get 50 people to come to a party in brooklyn? hello popbytes could) – no debt – money to go out – who doesn’t love the 90’s) – and i think tonights idol theme of ‘songs from the 90’s’ – i don’t know what 90’s these ‘people’ lived in – but this is the worst selection of songs ever on idol – i’m just fucking pissed – this season sucks so bad – and i’m just over it! last week i saw some promise – and tonight i saw shit – gosh i so can’t bear it – oh ‘west-kevina’ do you feel my pain? i’m sorry for all the cussing left & right but i can’t fucking help myself! popbytes steaming and so over it!

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