i’m off to see cloverfield!

UPDATE! i’m back home – and sadly i was quite disappointed in cloverfield – after all the online hype that has been making the rounds for quite a long time – i was expecting something way better! it wasn’t the worst movie ever – but i found myself hoping it would be over – thankfully it wasn’t very long although it seemed that way when i was watching it – plus all that shaky camera nonsense got tired oh so quickly – i really can’t recommend the film! did anybody else feel the same way?!? popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

hey hey! i’m so thrilled to have a mini night out plus it’s friday! first up is dinner at bella right here on hollywood blvd with my good pal joey and then we’re off to see cloverfield at grauman’s chinese theatre! i’ve been so good about not hearing or reading too much about the movie as i didn’t want it spoiled plus whenever i over hype myself for something i usually end up disappointed – so i’ve kept my excitement for the film at bay! i’ll update this post when i get back home – and no worries – i won’t reveal any ‘spoilers’! rock & blog on – popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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