more stars for disney dreams!

hey hey! i hope everyone is enjoying their weekend – i picked up an awesome leather bag at diesel today – which i’ve had my eye on for a while – plus it was 50% off! i also got in some more time with assassin’s creed which i’m totally addicted to at the moment! (i’ve assassinated 4 of the 9 main targets!) anyways yesterday there were more photos released in support of disney‘s year of a million dreams – you might remember when the campaign first started with david beckham, beyonce, and scarlett johannson…now they’ve added jennifer lopez and her hubby marc anthony, whoopi goldberg, jessica biel, gisele bündchen, mikhail baryshnikov, and last but never least tina fey (as tinkerbell!) the photos were snapped by legendary photographer annie leibowitz again – the pictures (posted below) came out looking simply splendid & magical – the shoots must have been a ton of fun for all involved! i’ll check you all tomorrow – popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!


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