i’m off to see donna summer at the bowl!

UPDATE! oh my goodness! what an evening i just had – i swear i had the best time seeing donna summer (except for when one of her backup singers sang a song about jesus – which i thought was a total buzz kill and super lame) when we first arrived around 8:45 – people were sitting in our seats – i seriously didn’t think she’d start on time at 8:30 but she did (no opening act) the people in our row were so damn bitchy for no reason – one little ugly asshole queen had the nerve to tell us we should be on time (it was totally none of his business since the seats were not on a first come basis) the management at the hollywood bowl ended up providing us seats 15 rows behind where we were supposed to sit (i’m going to write up a complaint) yet i was just happy to have our seats plus we had plenty of room to spread out and dance – we were seated just in time for on the radio – i literally danced (and sweated) my ass off along with my pal sam! for being almost sixty – i thought ms. summer’s voice was impeccable and she looked super fabulous! of course for the final song she performed the last dance which was a perfect LA send off for my friend who has been so generous and kind to popbytes – although she’s moving to NYC (i’m secretly jealous) i told her before we parted ways ‘this is not goodbye’ she’ll be back and i will make my way to new york! many thanks must go out to my pals carmen & martha who both totally know how to hook a blog up – you guys rock! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo (oh yes i’m sleeping extra late tomorrow…)

PS here’s a great review of the show!


• Overture (instrumental)

• The Queen Is Back

• I Feel Love

• Dim All the Lights

• I’m a Fire

• Sand on My Feet

• On the Radio

• Mr. Music

• Crayons

[15 minute intermission]

• No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)

• MacArthur Park

• Bring Down the Reign

• Stamp Your Feet

• Slide Over Backwards

• Selah (back up vocalist Mary Bernard)

• She Works Hard for the Money

• Bad Girls

• Hot Stuff


• Fame (The Game)

• Last Dance

hey y’all! i’m just about to run out the door to walk over and see disco queen donna summer at the hollywood bowl – last night i downloaded one of her greatest hits album and i was quickly reminded just how many hits the lady has produced – my favorite (although it’s hard to pick just one…) is on the radio which i love (video is posted below) especially how the song picks up tempo! ms. summer still looks great (she turns 60 in december) and recently released a new album called crayons and features stamp your feet which she performed on american idol a few months ago – it’s a totally upbeat track – have a listen over on ms. summer’s website! not only will it be a disco filled evening – i’m getting to hang out with my pal sam before she moves to NYC! i’ll do a quick update to this post when i return home later – popbytes over & out for now…xxoo

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