Is ‘Cougar Town’ changing its name?

Cougar Town

Are you watching Cougar Town? If not, booooooooo. You suck. Anyway, the show was originally about a woman played by Courteney Cox dating younger men, except then her character dumped the kid and started dating a man her age and it pretty much dropped any pretext of being about cougars (something the show has been poking fun at for well over a season now). Anyway, the showrunners are now debating as to whether or not they should just change the show’s title for realsies now so that people actually understand what the show is about.

“Ok. Guys. New title suggestions for CougarTown? I think [showrunner Bill Lawrence] is really seriously gonna do it this time,” Busy Philipps, who plays one of Courteney’s best friend’s on the series, Laurie, Tweeted on Friday. “Honestly, I think if you change it, it should be totally different. Not even reminiscent of Cougartown,” she continued, addressing Lawrence. “Go for it! Seriously.” Although some of his Tweet’s have since been deleted, Lawrence suggested over the weekend on his own Twitter account (@VDOOZER) that the show needs more viewers to survive next season and he fears the current show name is putting off potential watchers. “the title suggests [a] show they would hate,” he wrote. SOURCE

Honestly, I’m kind of fond of the title, even if it doesn’t really make sense. Although the title they’re thinking of changing it to, Friends with Beverages, I kind of love. So I’m a little torn. But hey, if it keeps the show on the air, change that shit. Although if I may suggest: Change the title of the show to PENNY CAN!

Cougar Town

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