Ke$ha wants you to name her weiner ….


By which I mean her weiner dog. Because Ke$ha bought herself a new daschund puppy. Anyway, Ke$ha is asking fans on Twitter to name her new puppy, because why not ask the people single-handedly keeping Justin Bieber alive and relevant to name something?

The Tik Tok hitmaker recently took in a long-haired dachshund, but is struggling to come up with a suitable name – so she has urged her Twitter followers to send in their suggestions. She posted a picture of the little dog online, writing, “Just got a puppy! First pet ever. She’s a wiener dog! So cute. Need a name. A bada** name. Help!…” She later added, “Ok so far down to Bacon, Iggy, Jagger, Bowie or Roxy (after Roxy Music).” SOURCE

All right, let’s break this shit down: First off, you can’t name your dog Bacon. Samuel Colt and Chris Porter already named their dog bacon, so that shit ain’t gonna fly. Next, cross off Iggy, Jagger and Bowie because let’s face it: it’s a girl dog. Give it a girl’s name. Which I guess leave Roxy, and admittedly, Roxy is totally cute name for a puppy. Although chances are she’ll probably name her dog something like “whiskey sour” and smear it in neon green body paint, because this is Ke$ha we’re talking about here.


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