Is Nicole Richie ready to move on?

good morning! the latest cover is STAR magazine is claiming there’s drama between nicole richie and her baby girl harlow winter‘s rocker daddy joel madden (the baby totally has his eyes) over him possibly getting cozy with washed up OC actress mischa barton! although i seriously don’t see ms. richie & mr. madden being in it for the long haul – i can’t see them splitting over lame ass ms. barton (i think nicole and her are actually semi-friends and she even calls mischa by the nickname ‘mushy’ – correct me if i’m wrong)

in other news there’s jennifer aniston not wasting any time and might be ‘hanging out’ with scottish hottie gerard butler (which won’t last long at all – if it’s actually happening but i’d totally get a piece of hotness if i could…oh daddy) plus there’s apparently trouble for actress keira knightley who is reportedly having issues with her weight – even possibly collapsing after weighing in at a mere 99lbs!

just the other day i was thrilled to discover i actually gained 5lbs (i went from 130 to 135) i happen to have an extremely high metabolism rate so i have a bit of trouble when it comes to packing on the pounds (ok…kill me now) trust me when i say i hate being called skinny – i would never call anyone fat to their face (there’s plenty of people i could say this too…i just bite my tongue) yet for some reason people love to mention how thin i am…ugh! popbytes over & out for now…xoxo

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