it pays to walk in LA!

hey kids its friday (late now!) and the weekend is upon us – i figured out the weekend is roughly 64 hrs long – so we will all be seeing fresh work faces soon enough – i hope krazy karen and i can recover from the shock of alonso losing to john as the ‘last comic standing’…so why does it pay to walk in LA? because you see shit you would normally not notice – like today – see the guy in the picture? ok thats actor jason brooks as i strolled and skipped back to work today after lunch – i saw him pull up right in front of me – he was in the passenger seat and was sexy as hell

– who is he you may ask – well he played ‘peter dimera’ on days of our lives – he was also on that dreadful baywatch – so again a lucky local lunch quasi-celeb spotting – but actually it all ties together ever so neatly – today is the last ‘days of our lives’ before it goes on a two week olympic hiatus – since nbc is airing like 1200 hrs of olympic history in the next two weeks – so its sad to miss days for two weeks – but the olympics just opened and im HOOKED – the opening was a peaceful spectacle (bjork sang luckily i had the chance to meet her but never saw her in concert – its at the top of my list – especiall with her new album medulla coming out..) that celebrated all the common hopes & dreams of a quite ‘never thought i would see in my lifetime’ turbulent time – lets hope we can all move out of this shit hole situation we are all seemingly in – scared by the fear terrorist zeitgest – and broke ans a two bit hooker on the westside streets of the great big apple @ xmas time…so tune into all the olympic craziness – and big brother 5 tomorrow night – and a special shout-out to my good friend – mr cubby – you make the days bearable at work! cant wait to see you and west-kevina duking it out over a bb5 wrap party invite…much love and peace as always – keep shining, keep smiling, knowing…wait what the fuck am i doing???? dionne warwick???? – popbytes out! xo xx oo

ps – happy belated birthday 41st to my lovable beloved crackhead whitney houston – im so waiting for yr big comeback – you can do it girl! (and see again – dionne – whitney – popbytes is so all about the full circle!)

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