scott bakula sighting

before i begin the original intent of this postbreaking news…oh my word – paris’ younger sister
– aka nicki hilton got hitched last night in vegas to some 33 yr old money manager! if its in vegas
– trust me it wont be long – she must have been blitzed with three sheets to the wind!! WILD! those
hiltons sure love to mix it up! – now back to our normally scheduled popbytes post…

not sure if anyone cares – but as i walked to starbucks this morning (a weekend coffee delight) – i
see this woman in a toyota suv with her legs spread eagle up on the dashboard – kinda
chilling/relaxed but it did look a little odd – hope she doesnt sit like that when the car is in
motion – so i go in boom there is a sunglassed scott bakula – he is waiting for his weekend delight
with his young son – i sure wasnt going to go up to him and say ‘oh i loved quantum leap‘ – but i
actually really did enjoy that time-hopping nbc show (back when planet melmac’s alf was king!)- my
dear dad loved it too – twas a classic (in repeats on scifi channel!

i swear these quasi/past celebs are a dime a dozen around here! any sightings that you may have
please report to me (like now lady lora tells me she ran into pauly shore at a local plant place –
lora was musing aloud to her friend stephen it was like a jungle in there – and pauly the wise-ass
as always – said holding his hands to cheeks in ‘home alone’ glory) ‘oh no – what are we gonnnnnnna

and with reported sightings – if you can somehow snag a picture thats even better! i so need a tiny
camera with me at all times – the cell phone just doesnt cut it – and you never know who you may
spot out here in la-la land aka los angeles

send any celeb sightings no matter how big or small send over! (like at fedex i saw ellen greene of
little shop of horrors, audrey/clue (the movie – not the game but it is based on the game) fame –
lets just say she for sure has seen better days and leave at that)

send popbytes tips, spottings, or just plain thoughts/comments to – for
sure you can be famous here at popbytes!

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