James Franco is sorry now!

James Franco

So you know how James Franco is currently getting his panties in a twist because Bruce Vilanch tried to cover for his ass after he bombed at the Oscars? Well, after realizing that pissing off the guy responsible for writing the biggest awards show on the planet was pretty much the closest anyone could ever come to literally taking a gun and shooting your career in the head, James has decided to tell everyone’s he vewy, vewy sowwy on Twitter.

Turns out, Vilanch didn’t quite mean what he said maliciously; in a message to Franco, he claimed that he actually defending his host. It reads, in part: “i was JOKING with this guy on the red carpet about all the sleeping jokes about you. he then got vehement about how bad you were and i was trying to DEFEND you. i don’t know what version, what context you read these remarks in, but believe me, i would never diss you. that’s not my style.” It was an apology that Franco accepted, and he tweeted a photo of the message and his response, which calls out dumb blogs. Breathe easy: all is right with Hollywood. SOURCE

Sure, you could all just take this as a half-assed excuse meant to appease the guy responsible for writing the most important awards show any actor or actress will ever attend, but if I may make a quick aside here: Has anyone noticed that James’ use of poorly scrawled-on photos borders on Perez Hilton? Maybe I’m overreacting, but so help me God if he continues on down this path, James will be squirting vinegar-water up your hoo-ha in no time.

James Franco

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