January Jones had her spite baby!

Janaury Jones

Good news for everyone but the married guy January Jones had unprotected sex with: January finally had her baby boy! You know, the one she had because she couldn’t keep herself from screwing a man who was married to someone other than her and then kept the baby just to spite him. Oh, and if the name doesn’t completely give it away, I don’t know what will. RadarOnline reports:

January Jones has given birth to a baby boy. The X-Men: First Class actress welcomed her first child on Tuesday and has named him Xander Dane Jones. The 33-year-old beauty has chosen not to reveal the father of the baby.

Oh did she? Did she really? So it’s a complete fluke that she named the baby Xander, which starts with an X, and everyone is saying that the father of the baby is Matthew Vaughn, who was her director on X-Men: First Class? Okay, so clearly that’s some Glenn Beck logic, but still, considering January decided to keep her baby just to spite the married man who wouldn’t leave his wife for her, I wouldn’t put it past her to not name her baby just to mess with him.

Janaury Jones

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