Jenna Jameson to Heidi Montag: *BITCHSLAP!*

Because it’s not news when I say it multiple goddamn times, Jenna Jameson, the woman with the most famous vagina in the world, took to Twitter to call Heidi Montag, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Danielle Staub and Kendra Wilkinson a bunch of lying whores for pretending that their sex tapes oopsy-accidentally made it to the point of commercial distribution. Told ya so.

“Why do people do porno tapes, sell them, make boatloads of money, then LIE about being victimized. I know one girl who sold her tape herself,” Jenna tweeted on Tuesday.

“@SOFTBLUSHcom I know one of the girls that acts so prim and proper and sold her tape to get famous. The others I just speculate,” she continued. “I own up to my porn, I don’t cry and say my boyfriend stole it.” SOURCE

Once again, WHO FUCKING CALLED IT? Seriously, just to further rub it in: Remember when Milk‘s hottie screenwriter Dustin Lance Black was apparently being blackmailed by an ex-boyfriend with a sex tape? Know why you never saw it? Because he never gave consent for anyone to use it. The celebritard whores I mentioned above? They all did. I told you so, I told you so …

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