Paris Hilton vs. A man holding two big knives!

Most people wake up and find a news paper on their doorstep. Most people are also not Paris Hilton (thank God). Which would explain why Paris woke up this morning and found a guy on her doorstep with two big knives trying to break into her place. See? That’s just karma, bitch.

“So Scary, just got woken up to a guy trying to break into my house holding 2 big knifes. Cops are here arresting,” Paris Tweeted on Tuesday morning.

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed to Access Hollywood that officers responded to a 911 call early Tuesday morning and arrived at Hilton’s home at 6:30 AM. Police said they arrested an unidentified male in his 40’s and are investigating a possible break in. SOURCE

I like to think that the guy was trying to show the difference between what’s not a knife and what IS a knife, a la Crocodile Dundee, but chances are, he was just trying to murder her ass in cold blood. That sounds bad until you realize that, having already dated a who’s who of terrible boyfriends, a quite possibly deranged lunatic would have been a step in the right direction for her!

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