Jennifer Aniston: I’m not pregnant!

Jennifer Aniston

Yesterday, a rumor was started by Us Weekly that Jennifer Aniston was in fact pregnant with her boyfriend Justin Theroux‘s baby, and everyone believed it because Us Weekly is on the more reputable end of the spectrum when it comes to tabloids. Well, Aniston decided to nip this one in the bud by having her publicist tell everyone that she’s not pregnant, according to the NY Daily News

The 44-year-old actress has fallen victim to the pregnant rumor mill yet again, as Us Weekly published a cover story blasting her “big secret” Wednesday. However, a rep for the star has shot down the report. “The entire story is a fabrication. Jennifer is not pregnant!” her rep told the Daily News. According to the mag, Aniston has been struggling to hide her growing bump while promoting her latest films, We’re The Millers and Life of Crime.

In all fairness, we’ve had actresses say they weren’t pregnant only to turn around later and reveal they actually were pregnant the whole time, so who knows? For now, let’s just side with occam’s razor here and say that she isn’t pregnant, because that’s a hell of a lot easier than trying to press her for details using gossip blogs. How many jokes about Kris Jenner being an evil whore beast will it take to get you to spill your secrets, Aniston? Name your price.

Jennifer Aniston

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