Jennifer Aniston is (still) an eligible woman!

Another day, another story about how Jennifer Aniston is still single. Seriously. Anyway, Jennifer topped a poll of the most eligible single women out there, and before you take this as some sort of major victory, you should probably know right now that the list also included Betty White and supreme court justice Elena Kagan. Yay?

The currently-unattached actress, 41, was voted the most eligible single woman in the world, according to a 60 MINUTES/Vanity Fair poll released Monday. The star (who nabbed 29 percent of the votes) was followed by Halle Berry (21 percent); Elin Nordegren (15 percent); Betty White (11 percent); Lady Gaga (5 percent) and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Elena Kagan (4 percent). SOURCE

Ummmmmm … yeah, I’m all about the different strokes for different folks and all that, but come on. Elena Kagan? How does she score lower than Lady Gaga? I kid, I kid. Anyway, if we can all stop talking about Jennifer Aniston being single, that would be great. Get over it people; she and Brad Pitt broke up five years ago. LET IT GO.

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