Jennifer Lawrence is still better than you!

Jennifer Lawrence

We already know that Jennifer Lawrence is hilarious, likes playing with bows and arrows, and will launch into a really long discussion about the zombie apocalypse when first meeting her co-stars. Which is all to say, I would go lez-bionic with her in a heartbeat. No joke. I would U-Haul that so hard. Anyway, this morning a young girl passed out drunk in front of her building, and she was kind enough to stay by her and make sure the kid was okay until paramedics gave her the okay. From TMZ:

The Santa Monica Police Department tells TMZ … Lawrence was out walking her dog … when she noticed a random girl laid out on her back. As Jennifer rushed to assist the young woman, someone in the area called 911 … and paramedics raced to the scene. Cops tell us … “The young lady who collapsed was a juvenile and was part of a group that was together.” It’s unclear why the young woman was in front of Jennifer’s home … but cops say, “Alcohol may have played a role in the incident.” We’re told paramedics didn’t feel the girl needed to be transported to a hospital — instead, she was treated on the scene and cleared to leave.

Normally, most of the people we write about are downright terrible and shitty. This is not one of those times. Jennifer is better than all of us, and I am okay with that.

Jennifer Lawrence

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