Jessica Simpson will slap a hoe!

Nicholas Bowes

Because what America really needed was another reality TV show where a panel of three celebrity judges critique people in a given field, NBC’s Fashion Star premiered last night. Yay for over-saturation of the market! Anyway, the show got off to kind of a weird start yesterday, when an Australian model-turned-designer named Nicholas Bowes told celebrity judges Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie that they didn’t know anything about men’s fashion because they were ladies, and Jessica threatened to slap him right in the mouth. RadarOnline reports:

Jessica and her co-host Nicole Richie critiqued Australian model-turned-designer Nicholas Bowes’ leather jacket collection and he snapped, “It’s very hard to understand the girls giving advice about men’s fashion.” Not so fast! Jessica, whose own fashion line has generated over $1 billion in sales, didn’t like that, one bit. “I’m a little bit offended,” she said. “A lot a bit, actually. To talk down to a woman in this business? We’re running the world right now.” Then she really let him have it. “I’m trying to be nice but I really kind of want to hit you across the face right now!” During the show the singer/actress/businesswoman actually Tweeted about Nicholas, writing: “I know what a buyer wants @nicholasbowes and I really hope you take everyone’s advice to heart. #FashionStar”.

Here’s a hint: When you’re on reality TV being judged by people who can and will decide your fate, maybe it would be in your best interest if you didn’t piss them off and accuse them of not knowing what they’re talking about. Especially if they happen to be pregnant because that just adds a whole other layer of righteous, hormonal rage to the proceedings. “I don’t know anything about men’s fashion, huh? Well say hello to my FUCKING EYE LASERS, BITCH.” Pregnant women have eye lasers, right?

Nicholas Bowes

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