Joe Manganiello: A ‘Muscle & Fitness’ monster!

Joe Manganiello - Muscle & Fitness

FitnessBytes with Wes FergusonNaturally huge bitches like Joe Manganiello are the reason so many guys do steroids. This dude stands at six and a half feet tall and trained DOWN to 220 pounds. He’s a monster!

Joe Manganiello - Muscle & Fitness

If there were anyone deserving a Muscle & Fitness cover, well, wait until next month (just kidding Joe!). The actor was interviewed by the men’s fitness magazine for a very hardcore feature on his transformation for True Blood (see celebrity body transformation pics on my blog).

The program is a six-days-on, one-day-off body-part split-with cardio done every day; broken into three workouts to be performed twice per week: chest and legs on Monday and Thursday, shoulders and biceps on Tuesday and Friday, and back and triceps on Wednesday and Saturday — coupled with a restricted-calorie diet. M&F literally warns people the routine should only be done in limited periods of time.

This kind of training is completely insane — but proven quick fixes if you’re looking to really push yourself. It’s totally impressive and really interesting to see how far some people can push themselves, but training like this isn’t realistic for the average person looking to maybe lose a few pounds or just get into better overall shape.

Joe Manganiello is a beast, basically, and you’ll never look like him. But if you’re insane enough to give it a go, his entire routine is detailed in the new Muscle & Fitness!

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