Jon Bon Jovi is still alive!

Jon Bon Jovi

It’s been a while since we had a fake death story, but I guess one had to happen eventually, so here’s one about how someone was all like “Holy crap, did you hear? Jon Bon Jovi died!” and then everyone was like “Oh my God, no way!” and then the L.A. Times was like “Um, no, he’s not dead. You just ripped off our Michael Jackson death story and replaced some of the details.” And then everyone laughed and laughed, but then the L.A. Times was like “But no, seriously, we’re going to sue you into the stone age.”

A false internet report claiming that rock star Jon Bon Jovi died appears to have been copied from a 2009 Los Angeles Times story that announced the death of Michael Jackson. A website called “dailynewbloginternational” posted the story claiming that Bon Jovi was dead on Monday. The story had changed some words and details, falsely reporting that Bon Jovi died in New Jersey during a world tour. But some of the sentences appeared to have been copied from the Times story on Jackson’s death that ran on L.A. Now after he was stricken at his Holmby Hills mansion.

For the sake of journalistic integrity, I went ahead and checked the site out. It turns out, it’s some sort of blog where people can just post whatever story they want and then that’s it. Basically, it’s like Wikipedia, but with even more lies. Actually, there are only two stories there, and I am pretty sure the entire thing is total bullshit. Although I do have to give them credit here: They make us look like Dan Rather by comparison. So thanks, I guess?

Jon Bon Jovi

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