Jose Canseco wants to bang Lady Gaga!

Jose Canseco and Lady Gaga

And just like that, the distinction between Madonna and Lady Gaga grows ever dimmer. Anyway, Jose Canseco decided to go on Twitter and announce to the world that he would totally marry Gaga if he could. And you know what? Gaga could do a hell of a lot worse I suppose. Honestly, this is the woman who is the biggest star in the world and she only just now broke up with the boyfriend no one has ever heard of.

The former baseball player, 46, posted a series of tweets on Monday praising the Edge of Glory singer, telling his followers, “I wish I could meet her. I would marry her in a second.” Calling himself “her knight in baseball armor,” the Celebrity Apprentice star then asked the 25-year-old pop star if she had received his marriage proposal. “I am at Cocoa Casino in Yuma, Arizona,” he told her. SOURCE

Actually, I kind of like Jose Canseco. I mean current day Jose, not violent, abusive 90’s Canseco. Honestly, if you saw the guy on shows like The Surreal Life and Celebrity Apprentice (don’t judge me) the guy comes off as a big sweetheart. And much like Gaga, he also enjoys walking around wearing nothing but women’s lingerie, so they’d at least have that to bond over.

Jose Canseco and Lady Gaga

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