Nananananananana GAGA!

Lady Gaga

What? It’s supposed to be the Batman theme! Get it? Because Lady Gaga entered her live concert for Good Morning America via a zipline like Batman? Oh come on, that is just RIFE for parody.

Always has to make an entrance, that Lady Gaga. With fans camping out up to three days ahead of her “Good Morning America” Summer Concert Series performance in New York’s Central Park, the Mother Monster was under pressure to put on a real memorable show. She delivered before she even sang a note, rushing into a smoke filled stage via a zipline above the crowd. SOURCE

I especially love the fact that there are about a bajillion people in the crowd, and only, like, a dozen people there are straight. No, seriously, I actually tuned my gaydar to scan that video and the damn thing exploded. It is literally, like, a sea of gayness down in that video. I’m pretty sure at least ten people inadvertently had sex in that clip, and they had no fucking idea they were even doing it. That is the power of the Gaga. Which I guess makes her the human equivalent of a bottle of poppers.

Lady Gaga

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