junior senior’s show at the roxy!

good evening! i’m so happy today is almost over – gosh it was another long day dealing with the daily grind! on wednesday night i headed down to the roxy (quickly becoming my favorite LA venue) to check out the junior senior show – i arrived pretty early since i was told the opening band gravy train was a must-see! i thought they were just semi-decent yet perfect for an opening act to get everyones’ juices flowing – although they were supposed to come on at like 9pm – it wasn’t till after 10pm when they took to the stage…

i did develop a small crush along w/ my pal sam on band member hunx – gosh he was way cute! luckily i landed in the roped off section and was able to grab a seat with sam and catch up on all the latest happenings – i also ran into my pal thairin smothers from world of wonder who graciously allowed me to post his pictures below – plus i saw my pal charlie and met his way cool friend who i’ll call ms. butterscotch for now (she knows who she is…)

we ran outside after the opening act to smoke a few cigarettes and it was a totally crazy scene on sunset blvd – we met this one dude who was so damn drunk – he tried to pocket my lighter and then almost got hit by a car – oh good times! i’d say it was about 11:30pm when junior senior finally took to the stage – by that time i had my fill of whiskey sours (yes i know it’s a pussy drink) and i was so ready to get my dance on! and boy did i ever – they ripped through most of their new album (well…new to the states) hey hey my my yo yo mixed with a few of their older tracks!

oh my word – they fucking kicked ass live!!! i wasn’t sure what to expect but they had our main boys junior & senior plus five other band members playing all the music live (there were no turntables in sight) i totally let loose and really enjoyed myself – especially when they played their huge hit don’t stop the beat – the crowd was totally feeling them – by the end people were jumping on stage left & right – i’d guess about 50-60 people were on stage – the energy level was way insane!

that’s when myself & sam took to the chairs and i danced my ass off! (the tables were too unsteady) i hadn’t danced like that in a long time and i completely forgot all my stress and was able to enjoy the experience to the fullest – i was so impressed by the band – and now i’m obsessed with their latest album! i’m so glad i ventured out to see them play although i paid the price on thursday morning – i was so hung over – not fun at all – but i’d do it again in heartbeat!

after all the hoopla was over we met a bunch of cute boys from london who i tossed in a cab and sent over to les deux for little late night fun (i went on & on about amy winehouse once i heard they were from the UK) i hope they enjoyed themselves! anyways i’m so done with tonight and this post – rock & blog on – popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo! (oh – make sure to check out the post on world of wonder for some more pics!)

PS many thanks to ms. heather & mr. nic for taking good care of me – the roxy rocks!


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