Justin Bieber’s arrest video is under review before a possible release

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

A couple weeks back, we reported that Justin Bieber had another video of him taking a leak floating around out there, and it could be released because of Florida’s open records law. Except now a judge is closely reviewing it to make sure it’s appropriate for release. Billboard reports …

“The right of privacy cannot trump the right of access to public records,” said Deanna Shullman, the attorney for the AP and several other media outlets. “My clients have no interest in showing Mr. Bieber’s private parts. You have to redact that and release the rest.” Still, Shullman and Scott Ponce, who represents the Herald and Miami’s CBS affiliate, agreed with Altfield’s plan to review the four clips that show Bieber urinating into the cup, as did state prosecutors. Bieber attorney Howard Srebnick said he found it “insulting” that the videos could be released perhaps with only Bieber’s nether regions censored, contending even that was a violation of privacy. “There’s no reason why the media should make a spectacle of that event,” Srebnick said.

Yeah, too late buddy. Between your client comparing himself to Michael Jackson immediately after his arrest and then playing up his “bad boy” image, the whole thing is already a spectacle. F*ck, at this point it’s pretty much a three ring circus. “Ladies and gentlemen, behold! The boy who somehow was given every opportunity and resource to succeed and still somehow managed to fall on his ass!”

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