That Emma Stone naked selfie is fake

Emma Stone Naked Selfie Fake

Emma Stone Naked Selfie Fake

So apparently, a pic purported to be of a naked selfie taken by Emma Stone made its way online yesterday, and despite it being so blurry you could tell me that it was a ham-sandwich and I’d believe you, people ran with the “IT’S EMMA STONE!” story. To the surprise of absolutely no one, it turns out the pic is fake. Whoops! Guess you were looking at some random redhead’s boobs. Wah-wah.

The naked Emma Stone photo that has blessed the web is — unfortunately — NOT EMMA STONE … so says Emma Stone. A pic showing a buck-naked red-haired beauty snapping a selfie in the mirror has gone viral … and damn if it doesn’t look a lot like the Easy A actress. Several websites have published the photo — saying it’s definitely Stone. But a source close to Emma is adamant … it’s just not her. SOURCE

Well d’uh, of course it wasn’t her. Have you seen the pic? It’s so fuzzy and low-res, it could pass for a Rembrandt painting. BLAMMO! Art reference on a post about boobies! This is what is known as “balance.” Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go write a post about how Kim Kardashian is a whore and then somehow find a way to tie in a reference to Un Chien Andalou.

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