Justin Bieber called one of his fans a ‘beached whale’

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Fun fact: The only reason Justin Bieber is even remotely famous instead of, say, slumming it in Stratford, Ontario is because his fans are loyal to a fault. Seriously, I make fun of the Beliebers for being way too devoted, but they managed to turn a mediocre kid from buttf*ck nowhere into a huge star. That’s sadly impressive. Anyway, Justin decided to thanks his fans for everything by calling one of them a “beached whale”. This is your hero, girls. News.com.au reports …

“One girl who was gorgeous looking, with long dark hair and would have been about a size 14. Justin looked over at her and said ‘What are you, Hawaiian or something?’ She said ‘No, I’m not’. Then he said ‘You look like a beached whale’ … The girl said ‘Are you serious’ and he said ‘You should go on The Biggest Loser.’ … The whole pool deck heard him call this beautiful young girl a beached whale. Everyone heard. And there was silence. It was almost like his security were used to it.”

“I saw Bieber make a gesture with his hands to imitate a large belly as he spoke to the long haired girl and I heard him say something about The Biggest Loser and he was pointing at her – and I saw the girl and her friends leave, downcast,” the woman said. “I also told her not to take any notice of him as she walked past us, I’m not sure if she heard me. Bieber seemed to think he was funny, he was smiling and looking to his burly minders for their approval.”

Normally, this is where I make a joke and twist the knife further, but whatever. Justin is an asshole, and if anyone still thinks he’s deserving of their adoration because he makes mediocre pop songs, they’re delusional.

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