Justin Bieber: Copping a plea deal in his egging case!

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

I know it seems like forever ago, since there have been so many, many screw-ups with Justin Bieber, but try to remember that one time he egged his neighbor’s house and somehow caused $20,000 worth of property damage. Got it fresh in your mind? Awesome. Well, earlier today he was officially charged with misdemeanor vandalism over that little incident, and wouldn’t you know it he’s already copping that plea deal. TMZ reports …

Sources connected to the case tell TMZ … Justin’s lawyer will appear in court Wednesday at 1:30 PM PDT and plead no contest to misdemeanor vandalism. We’re told Justin will receive NO jail time. He will be placed on 1 year probation and be ordered to perform community service. We’re told Justin will also be ordered to pay restitution to the neighbor whose house he egged. The neighbor has repair bills totaling around $20,000. A big part of the house needs to be re-plastered … and it’s very expensive Venetian plaster.

So basically, Justin doesn’t have to plead guilty or not guilty, but he’ll get snapped picking up litter on the highway and get himself a probation. You know, because probation worked so well for other upstanding citizens like Lindsay Lohan or Chris Brown or … oh wait. Well, I’m sure we can all look forward to the inevitable moment where Justin, having learned absolutely nothing from any of this, winds up in the same spot. Hell, I’ll probably just copy-paste all of the above and swap in a few details. Because the wonderful thing about a news cycle is that it actually is a for real cycle. Never change!

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