Justin Bieber is comparing himself to Princess Diana?

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

You know what’s sad? This morning, I woke up, found two different Justin Bieber stories, and had to debate which one was dumber and ergo more postable. Ultimately, I skipped Justin trying to mess with a guy’s cell phone at Dave & Buster’s in lieu of writing about how he got rear-ended by a photographer and is now comparing himself to the late Princess Diana. I guess what I’m trying to say is STOP GIVING ME OPTIONS. At least limit yourself to one stupid, myopic and asinine thing per day.

According to the website, the “Baby” singer was behind the wheel of his red Ferrari when he observed a photographer following him. He then slammed the breaks causing the photographer, who was driving a Toyota Prius, to crash into him. Although there were no injuries, Bieber voiced his anger on Twitter, pointing to Princess Diana’s fatal 1997 car crash in Paris. SOURCE

And those tweets, in case you wanted to see the depth of this particular dumb …

I get that Justin exists in some sort of MTV cartoon reality that overlaps our own, where everything is shiny, gaudy opulence and he’s never wrong, but what? Really, what? How are these the same? The guy was just behind you! You slammed the brakes! How is this comparable? Also of note: Have you ever considered how it’s only the most delusional and narcissistic of celebrities that complain about the paparazzi? It’s not like Meryl Streep ever complains about being followed by photographers. Forest Whitaker doesn’t get into shoving matches with errant paps. It’s almost as if when you’re a dignified professional, you understand that the paparazzo are a natural trade-off for fame and fortune, and that you can keep their intrusion to a minimum by behaving yourself and acting as inconspicuously as possible when in public.

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