Kim Kardashian doesn’t want to be Beyoncé’s buddy anymore?

Kanye West, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian

Kanye West, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian (hell, her entire family really) has always struck me as a person who never really progressed mentally, emotionally, or psychologically past high school. Which would explain why a woman well into her thirties would build her entire life and career around the very nebulous idea of being “popular”. Because let’s be honest: If you’re over the age of thirty, and you still spend this much time worrying about other people being aware of you, you have missed the boat on being a fully realized person. Anyway, now Kim, the 33-year-old adult, is throwing a hissy fit because Beyoncé won’t be her best friend for life. *Sad Trombone sting* RadarOnline reports …

“Kim blames Beyoncé for Jay Z skipping their wedding,” the source said. “Kanye considered Jay family, and the last minute decision for him to not come to their wedding was extremely selfish.” Now, according to the source, “Kim has absolutely no use for Beyoncé and Jay, and doesn’t think they are worthy to be friends with Kanye.” According to the source, Kardashian “Thinks that that Beyoncé has always been very arrogant and aloof around her. Kim always made a real effort to get to know her and Jay, but she was always left with a very cold feeling. Beyoncé made Kim feel very insecure and that isn’t something that she is used to. For a very long time, Kim didn’t tell Kanye how she felt, but after Jay skipped out on their wedding, she let it all come out,” the source said.

None of those are the thoughts of an adult. Those are the mean scribblings in the agenda of a teenager staring daggers at the popular kids in homeroom. And I’m not trying to talk out of my ass here: Everyone at some point has felt like that. But that was when we were kids. If you’re a grown adult, with kids, you shouldn’t be worried about that dumb bullsh!t, because you should have realized that not everyone needs to be your friend. Adults don’t spend their time worrying about being popular, and if they disagree with something, they can address it clearly with nuanced logic rather than saying it’s “gross”. But I’m throwing pearls before swine here. I’m sure Kim already has her burn book out and she’s drawing dicks on Beyoncé’s face.

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