Justin Bieber might be back on the sizzurp

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

I’ll be honest here: sizzurp confuses me to no end. I mean, I know idiots have put everything in their bodies from animal tranquilizers to random chemicals they pull out from under the sink, but drinking cough syrup just sounds gross no matter how you try and spin it. Anyway, according to TMZ, it looks like Justin Bieber may already be back on the sizzurp, despite the fact that Atlanta has a pretty strict policy when it comes to codeine use …

It’s better than Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster — it’s Justin Bieber holding one of his fabled STYROFOAM cups on his way into an ATL nightclub … a clear sign of lean … and it’s all on video. TMZ has obtained security footage at Tongue & Groove — showing Bieber entering the club Monday evening holding a tall, white styrofoam cup … the telltale container for lean … aka sizzurp. It’s the first time Bieber’s been seen holding one of these cups — and our sources say he had the cojones to continue partying with it inside.

Well of course he’s going to just walk around with it. Because once again, no one around him is ever going to say no to him. I’m pretty sure they’d let Justin walk into that club with two giant, unsteady buckets of hydrochloric acid if it meant they never had to tell him no. “Oh, he’s just a little misunderstood boy. Carrying around deadly acid. Why can’t people just focus on the music instead of the fact that he just splashed deadly acid on that group of party-goers?”

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