Billionaire Richard Lugner: “Kim Kardashian is a b*tch!”

Kim Kardashian and Richard Lugner

Kim Kardashian and Richard Lugner

Last week, Kim Kardashian got $500,000 to attend the Vienna Opera Ball with crazy rich man Richard Lugner, a guy who previously gave that honor to Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Draw your own conclusions here. Anyway, Kim ended up leaving after some racist in blackface ended up harassing her, but apparently Lugner isn’t too torn up over it because he thinks Kim is a bitch. Join the club honey. We meet on Wednesdays. RadarOnline reports …

“She’s already in bed,” Lugner complained when approached by reporters near the end of the ball. “I’m relieved. She’s a b*tch.” Indeed, he had made no secret of his distaste for Kardashian even before she left him stranded on the dance floor. Soon after her arrival in Austria, he announced, “Kim is annoying me. Because she’s not sticking to the program. She’s filming and so she doesn’t want to have me around.”

I’m guessing that based on his disdain, this goes back further than just that racist guy who went up to her. Remember kids, if someone offers you $500K for a night at the opera, you might as well be on your best behavior. Especially if you have no other skills to fall back on and your tenuous fame is becoming ever more tenuous by the day. Just sayin’.


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