Justin Bieber + Tila Tequila = OH DEAR GOD NO

Tila Tequila and Justin Bieber

I never thought I’d live to see the day, but here we are: Justin Bieber and Tila Tequila have conglomerated together in some sort of Wondertwins-style supergroup of fucking annoying. It turns out, Justin has been a fan of Tila’s since he was thirteen, which is kind of weird when you consider Tila is essentially just a pornstar but without the dignity of having an actual, legitimate job. Which kind of means that Justin has been watching porn since he was 13. Gross!

“um.. this should be rater R lol,” Bieber commented four years ago on Tila’s official I Love U music video. Obviously trying to win over Tila’s online fans, he added: “I’m only 13 but I sing in my videos. Check them out and let me know what you think :P Justin.”

[…] “He is absolutely adorable … I can now see why so many girls have fallen head over heels in love with him,” Tila said.

“Justin, if you’re reading this: I want to pinch your cute little cheeks! You’re doing great out there kiddo … don’t let anyone bring you down!”

“Maybe one day he and I can do a collaboration on a song together or work on a movie together,” Tila said. “As soon as he turns 18 I’m going to ask him out!” SOURCE

So basically, all I got out of this is that Justin has terrible taste in woman and will someday die of herpagonnasyphillis, and that Tila is a pedophile. Super. They’re perfect for each other! Actually, come to think of it, if they’re fucking each other than that means the rest of humanity is saved from the threat of their genitals, not to mention the fact that Bieber’s followers regularly plot the death of any girl who so much as looks at Bieber … you know what? I take it back, these two were made for each other!

Tila Tequila and Justin Bieber

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