Justin Bieber wants to open a tattoo parlor with his dad

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Another day, another stellar example of Justin Bieber‘s terrible decision making. Go figure. In the midst of Justin’s Panama-based intervention (side-note: Why are his interventions nicer than most people’s vacations?) comes news that Justin wants to take a break from music so that he and his hanger-on dad Jeremy Bieber can open a tattoo parlor. So good news! Soon you too can look like 12-year-old Vanilla Ice! Via RadarOnline

“Justin wants to take control of his life and not be out on the road in a different city every other night,” the source explained to Radar. “His short term plans include opening a tattoo parlor with his dad. They have talked about it for a very long time. It’s his dream for it to be a very high-end parlor, unlike anything currently out there.” Added the insider: “Justin team is concerned that he’ll just sit around and do nothing. Continue to party with his buddies. Everyone respects Justin’s desire for some down time, but too much idle time is when he typically gets in trouble. He needs structure and a routine to keep him out of trouble.”

All right, here’s a quick note to Justin’s team: NO. See that word? Learn it. Use it. Justin wants to open a tattoo parlor? NO. Justin wants to drink sizzurp all day with his friends? NO. Justin wants to go vroom vroom in his big boy car? NO. And here’s a couple NOs for your guys too: You want to take a teenager from Buttf*ck, Nowhere and turn him into an overnight star? NO. You want to enable a teenager with cash, women and partying instead of letting him learn respect and limitations? NO. You want to continue letting a kid self-destruct because he makes you money? NO. This is a kid who’s destroying his life because no one is going to lay down the law, so everyone involved with this? NO. STOP IT.

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