Justin Bieber’s parties sound like fun! (Not)

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Some of you might remember this, but a while ago, we reported a story about how Justin Bieber allegedly makes everyone who comes to his house parties sign a non-disclosure agreement. If you were wondering why that is … well, RadarOnline interviewed someone who reportedly went to Justin’s parties, and apparently, there are some rather seedy things going on there.

“I’m the main party guy in the group,” rapper King Kevi told Radar in an interview from Passages Malibu, where he was finishing up a 30-day treatment for abusing codeine, also known as sizzurp or drank. “I was the ringleader for getting it for everybody, because I had the hookup.” About six months ago, Kevi says, “Justin gave us the ok to throw the parties as long as we had everyone sign NDAs [non-disclosure agreements], that took it to a whole other level,” he explains. “I’m bringing like 60, 70 girls. Justin started liking that.”

Ugh, seriously, I’ll never get the appeal of the whole sizzurp thing. I’m not sure if you ever drank cough syrup, but that stuff is absolutely vile. It’s good if you have a cold and you want a really good night’s sleep, but if you want to have fun at a party? No thanks. That is some white trash bumpkin sh!t.

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