Justin Bieber allegedly beat up a photographer

Justin Bieber

In the on-going war between stupid assholes and entitled brats, there are no winners; only losers. Which brings me to the current legal clusterfrak between Justin Bieber and a paparazzo he allegedly hit. Of course, the entire thing is essentially bullshit, but I’ll get into that after the blockquote from TMZ.

We’re told several witnesses at the scene say after the altercation, a lawyer walked up to the photog and said he could get a lot of money out of the incident and advised the dude to call for an ambulance and file a police report. Witnesses also say the photog had been blocking Justin’s car as the singer was trying to leave. Justin got out of the car and asked the guy to move away but he wouldn’t, and a scuffle ensued.

So clearly, the guy snapping pictures was being an asshole. What are the odds that after the fight, the guy shot cartoon dollar signs out of his eyes when he realized he could take this to court? Anyway, to be fair to both sides, it’s never a good idea to start punching people no matter how much you think they deserve it, and it really doesn’t help Bieber’s case that he was reportedly boxing before the incident, so I’m going to chalk this one up to a hyperactive kid being a moron. And before anyone jumps down my throat, there are only two reasons why a person would get into a fight: they were being dumb, or they were being a dick. Dumb is always the lesser and more forgivable evil.

Justin Bieber’s brawl with a photog over the weekend isn’t going to just disappear … TMZ has learned the case WILL be referred to the L.A. County D.A. for possible criminal prosecution. We’re told cops have already decided to refer the case to prosecutors, even though the investigation is far from complete. They have requested to interview the Biebs, but he’s in Norway now. It’s pretty typical for police to refer high-profile cases to prosecutors. TMZ broke the story … Bieber’s a suspect for allegedly committing criminal battery against a photog in Calabasas Sunday afternoon. The photog called 911 after the scuffle, but by the time cops arrived, the singer had split. The pap was taken to a nearby hospital in an ambulance. He then filed a police report naming Bieber as the culprit. If Bieber is charged and convicted, he’d face 6 months in jail. But the photog faces an even worse fate — having to tell people Justin Bieber kicked his ass.

Justin Bieber

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