justin & cameron – it’s so over!

good evening! although it hasn’t been confirmed by their publicists – it sounds like justin timberlake & cameron diaz have called it quits after dating for over three years! kudos to STAR magazine who nabbed the story for this week’s cover! (yes rumors of a split had been circulating on & off again but they nailed the cover this week) the couple apparently spent the holidays apart – justin was with family in memphis while cameron hit the slopes in vail with her family…but i will say if he is already involved with scarlett johansson then that’s crazy – take some time off yo and cool off! these people seriously can’t be single for like a day!

as i started writing this post – i was all oh my gosh – what about shrek 3?!? ms. diaz continued her role as ‘princess fiona’ and this time around mr. timberlake joined the cast (as ‘prince artie’) gone are thoughts of them being a cute red carpet couple starring in their first movie together…someone at dreamworks is probably a little bummed out tonight! (although it’s not nearly as bad as that whole meg ryan & russell crowe situation with their film proof of life (2000) which unfortunately got bogged down in rumors – which was a total shame since it’s actually a decent flick)

ok enough digression for now – i’ll update this post later tonight – justin is making an appearance on jay leno tonight and i’m curious what he may or may not say about the supposed split with lady cameron…oh good times! you know a few months ago i would have pulled for justin to get back with britney spears but not anymore – that ship has seriously sailed! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

UPDATE justin was absolutely adorable on ‘the tonight show’ but there was no mention – not even a slight suggestion of cameron! i think it’s really over…oh i call dibs – damn he is so fucking yummy!

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