you’ll have to dig deeper…

oh i’m just beat tonight as it was a long day and yes i’m a little bummed out about the not so great reviews (everyone jump on the cynical bus) for dirt (which i was kinda expecting as most pilots are usually a bit off kilter) but i’m telling you the show does get better (i like the NY times review best) and ian hart as ‘don konkey’ steals practically every scene – i adore him & his dead cat!

i’ll post more on the show next week but you have to admit it totally beats the snooze fest of something like brothers & sisters which is boring as shit…even with hottie rob lowe joining the cast – i’d rather eat sawdust! (i’m sorry rachel griffiths – i still love you) in the end the show is what it is – another fun, hot, stylish ‘drama’ from FX! yeah nip/tuck is still my favorite but i think dirt has big potential to grow into a staple! so please do give it a chance and i suspect even those who wrote negatively about it will be tuning in next week! plus once super sexy grant show turns up as ‘jack dawson’ all the tongues will be wagging for more! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!


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