Kanye West ranted (again) on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Kanye West

Kanye West

A little while back, Jimmy Kimmel threw the softest of softball jokes at Kanye West by having a kid recite one of his rants verbatim. Naturally, this pissed off Kanye enough that he went ahead and made whatever the hell this is, because he has the emotional maturity of a twelve-year-old who’s been banned from XBLA by his parents. But since he’s mixed up with the Kardashians now, he decided the best thing to do would be to go on Jimmy Kimmel Live (videos below) to stretch this thing out even further than he already did, and also to rant even more about what a genius he is. Via HuffPo

While the conversation was not contentious at all, and West frequently smiled and joked with Kimmel, he did not apologize for his tweets. Up front, he emphasized that all of his public actions are authentic. “I’ve never done a publicity stunt in my life,” he said.

“I’m not running for office,” West told Kimmel. “I’m just here to make good music and make people feel good when they hear my music. When I did that interview, I was really vocal about a lot of things I had been dealing with over the last ten years, when I had been put in the classification as just a celebrity.”

He continued, “I’m a creative genius, and there’s no other way to word it. I know you’re not supposed to say that about yourself. I say things the wrong way a lot of times, but the intention is always positive.”

Oh, and in case you’re wondering if he completely misread a joke and used it as an opportunity to launch himself into a dead-serious rant that highlighted how out of touch he is with reality, well …

But the interview climaxed at the very end of the show. Kimmel presented West with a gift of leather running shorts, the subject of the original sketch. This prompted West to go on a nearly uninterrupted stream-of-consciousness rant for several minutes in which he addressed the fashion industry, the civil rights movement, the importance of his family, the nature of celebrity and several other subjects.

Man, I bet knock-knock jokes must be just a trial and a half for him …

Comedian: Knock knock!
Kanye: Who’s there?
Comedian: Banana!
Kanye: Bananas can’t knock on doors! Why is this banana knocking on my door? Taking up my time? My greatness cannot be impeded by sentient fruit! My genius needs to be focused into my art, because King Candy’s trying to keep me and my leather yoga pants down! I’m gonna glitch all over this banana’s face if he thinks he gonna stop my shine!
Comedian: … So the punchline is “orange you glad I didn’t say banana,” but no, that works too.

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