Bruce Jenner’s sons are thrilled about his separation!

Brody Jenner and Brandon Jenner

Brody Jenner and Brandon Jenner

Sure, Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner (I’m assuming she’s going to return to her maiden name, Beelzebub) may have separated, and yes, Kris is already turning it into a way for her to get even more publicity, but it turns out there are people who are happy about the separation: Bruce’s (HOT) sons, Brody Jenner and Brandon Jenner, were apparently cut off from their dad after Kris ensnared him in her web of lies, and they’re going to use this opportunity to reconnect with him. Via TMZ

Brody and Brandon Jenner became estranged from their dad when he married Kris in 1991. They were raised by their mom, Linda Thompson and David Foster, who married Linda after she divorced Bruce. We’re told the boys were devastated, and believed their real dad abandoned them. What’s more … our sources say Brody and Brandon believe Kris is the one who convinced Bruce to jettison them, in favor of his new family. They have bitter feelings toward Kris, which endure even today. We’re told Brody and Brandon know … Bruce didn’t pay child support for 10 years, and after that only $1,500 a month. Again, they believe Kris was pulling the strings.

Huh. So basically, Kris won’t just ruin her own family for the sake of money and attention; she’ll gladly ruin other peoples’ families too. I know this shouldn’t surprise me, as Kris is nothing short of a cash-eating demon who can only survive as long as people maintain her image in their conscious mind, but seriously, that’s messed up.


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