The Jonas Brothers canceled their tour

Jonas Brothers

Jonas Brothers

Back when I first started blogging four years ago, the Jonas Brothers were freaking everywhere. To be fair, they weren’t really outwardly awful, but their music was bland and overproduced and their fans were nucking futs, so they were kind of easy targets. Eventually, they dropped off the face of the Earth for a few years once newer, shinier teen pop acts were introduced, but then they made a minor comeback this year once everyone realized they were grown up and hot now. Except you can nix the minor comeback, because now they’re canceling their tour due to ‘creative differences’ and they might even split up for good. TMZ reports …

The Brothers Jonas just cancelled their entire upcoming tour — 19 concerts, which was supposed to kick off Friday. Our sources say … the rift exploded over the release of their next batch of songs. Each brother had a different vision of where they wanted to take the band, ranging from pop to hard rock. They all agreed on one thing — releasing anything new would be a disaster, because the style would be all over the place. The concert cancellation may be a precursor to an official breakup, but so far no decision has been made. Our sources say the guys are meeting this weekend to try and hash things out.

If there’s one thing I learned from blogging about the rich and famous for four years — other than the fact that people are absolutely shameless and will do literally anything if it would net them $50 and a “Where are they now?” segment on VH1 — it’s that you never mix fame and family. It doesn’t work. Sure, you think it’ll keep you level-headed, but more than anything you just end up flaming out and hating everyone you share DNA with. It just doesn’t work.

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