Kanye West’s deposition isn’t going well …

Kanye West

Kanye West

Remember a while back when Kanye West compared the paparazzi to rape? And then yesterday, we found out that in a deposition for a paparazzi beating case, he compared celebrities fighting the paparazzi to the 60’s civil rights movement? Well the deposition marches on, and continuing along in the vein of “incredibly dumb parallels”, here is Kanye talking about that time he compared the paparazzi to Nazis. Via TMZ

Nate Goldberg — the lawyer for the photog — is asking Kanye about a verse from his song, Flashing Lights” … rapping about paparazzi and saying, “I hate these n***as more than a Nazi.”

Goldberg asks Kanye, “So why did you say that you hate the paparazzi more than the Nazis?”

Kanye responds, “‘Cause that’s what I wanted to say in that song.”

Goldberg: “Well, you understood that the Nazis killed –”

At that point, Kanye’s lawyer, a panicked Shawn Holley interrupts, “Oh my gosh!”

Goldberg: “– six million Jews.”

Holley: “It’s really been a long day and we should probably” (she’s about to say recess)

Shawn Holley! It’s been forever! Honestly, I really do have to give her the respect she’s entitled to here, because if she can successfully keep Lindsay Lohan out of jail (hell, she was the only person keeping Lindsay on the straight-and-narrow) she may be the smartest person currently living in Los Angeles. And Kanye is going to need someone like that in his corner if this is the kind of stuff that keeps happening in his deposition. Because gawddammit. Just gawddammit. I know paparazzi rhymes with Nazi, but that doesn’t mean that’s a comparison you should be making.

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