Netflix hints at a fifth season of ‘Arrested Development’

Arrested Development

Arrested Development

Remember last year, when Netflix bestowed upon us mere mortals a fourth season of Arrested Development IN ITS ENTIRETY? And then half the web complained about a freebie, while the other half understood that cast scheduling meant a different narrative frame, and that the season was meant to be watched as a whole rather than separates, allowing each individual story to further colour and nuance the others as they interconnected? Well, they might be coming back with a fifth season. HUZZAH! Via HuffPo

Netflix is reportedly “positive” that Arrested Development is coming back for season five, according to Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos. Though the timing of the show is unclear, Sarandos said, “It’s just a matter of when,” reports USA Today. The CCO went on to add that getting a schedule that works for everyone may be the biggest challenge and criticism over the amount of time the cast spent on screen together in the latest season was “fair.”

Here’s what I love about Netflix: They’re clearly up for doing smart, experimental series because they know that the people who routinely watch Netflix are the kind who are willing to experiment a little with their viewing habits. I mean really, between relaunching beloved shows from almost a decade back to creating new series with almost entire female cast, it’s nice to see that experimental TV still has a place. Even if it’s not strictly on TV.

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