Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ has already leaked online

Kanye West 'Yeezus'

Well, that was fast. Turns out, despite Kanye West‘s best efforts, his new sixth studio album Yeezus has already leaked online earlier this morning before hitting stores this coming Tuesday (June 18th), so I’m just going to assume that Kris Jenner is out there somewhere, rubbing her eight hands together in sneaky triumph. “More … I need more attention … KRIS HUNGERS!” she presumably said before jabbing her fangs into an orphan and injecting him with corrosive venom. Via HuffPo

What’s this? A Yeezus leak? Indeed: Kanye West’s sixth studio album, which was veiled in secrecy for months until West played it in its entirety for critics and associates on Monday, has made its way online. The Huffington Post has heard the album and, by cross-checking it across the version played at West’s listening party Monday night, can verify that it seems legitimate. We’re not posting links to the leak, though, so happy hunting.

Apparently, Kanye has gone to great lengths in the past to make sure his albums didn’t leak, so it’s funny that this one did. Gosh, what could have changed since his last album that could have potentially caused this? It’s almost as if there was someone in his life now who does shameless stupid sh!t for fame, money and attention. But who? WHO COULD IT BE?!

Kanye West 'Yeezus'

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