In case you were wondering … that’s Shakira on Elle!

Shakira | Elle | July 2013

Shakira | Elle | July 2013

God Bless the editors at Elle magazine because they’ve put the name of their covergirl in size 72 font right across the cover (it’s Shakira if you haven’t seen by now).

I’d like to talk about the spread and what she has to say about being on The Voice but I just can’t get over how ostentatious her name is on this cover. Did they think people forgot her after “Hips Don’t Lie” left the radio stations after being played for the entire year of 2006? I’m neglecting to mention She Wolf and that entire era but I’d like to scrub the idea of her dancing in a glittery birth canal from my mind.

Anyway, Shakira just had a baby with Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué and says about motherhood, “I’m still trying to figure it out. And I have a feeling I will try to do the same for the rest of my life. Some people put it like it’s very idyllic, some people put it like it’s a torturing experience, but it’s not quite one thing or the other. It’s like life – it comes with everything.”

As for her long-awaited next album, Shakira said, “I have no idea of where I want to go musically, but I’m fine that way. I don’t need to remain faithful to any concept, you know.” Now, that her tenure on The Voice is over, maybe she’ll focus on a new album.

Let’s not even discuss what she’s wearing on the cover because those shorts look like she tried to cover 19th century bloomers with pleather shorts from Forever 21. The credit for that goes to Diane Von Furstenberg.

The July issue of Elle with Shakira on the cover hits newsstands on June 25th.

Shakira | Elle | July 2013