Kanye’s Getting Sued

Oh Kanye, will you ever win? Anyway, it looks like Kanye West is being sued by a photographer for reportedly sicking his entourage on him a couple years ago. In all fairness, celebrities are like animals: Never approach them when they are hanging in their packs. Also, they enjoy it when you scratch their bellies.

Michael Vasquez claims that the assault took place during a May 2008 party in New York. West was on hand to perform at the event, during which Vasquez claims that “his agents, servants and/or employees acting in the course and within the scope of their employment, detained and/or threatened and/or caused plaintiff to suffer injuries.”

Vasquez, 44, went on to say, “The assault and battery was committed by the defendant, West, [his] agents, servants and/or employees, with malice” and caused him “physical, mental and emotional illness.” SOURCE

And that is why you never try to approach someone famous in their own territory. True story: Jane Goodall once tried to observe The Olsen Twins at club in SOHO. They ate her. Point is, celebrities are temperamental creatures and they can turn on you fairly quickly. Avoid them.

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