Kendra Wilkinson Talks About Hef’s Engagement

With Hef ready and willing to put himself through the most awkward and uncomfortable marriage of convenience since Anna Nicole Smith got hitched to a ninety-year-old wallet, Hugh Hefner‘s exes are lining up to talk about how much they love Hugh Hefner and wish him the best, despite the fact that he doesn’t remember their names. Kendra Wilkinson, your turn!

“I’m not surprised,” Kendra told Marc Malkin of E! Online. And as Malkin reports, Wilkinson-Baskett thought this might go down all the way back when Hefner divorced Kimberley Conrad in September, 2009 — Hefner and Conrad had been separated since 1998.
“And then I heard how much he loves Crystal and how he looks at her,” Kendra said. “You can just tell there’s a whole other meaning of love in him. I feel like she’s the girl for him.” SOURCE

“A whole other meaning of love”? Yeah, sure, why not? This is the guy who decided that he could date three woman at the same time but God forbid they should see anyone else other than him. For God’s sake, let’s just see this for what it is: Legalized prostitution under the guise of marriage. Woo!

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