Kate Gosselin is still paying her bodyguard!

Kate Gosselin and Steve Neild

Remember how Kate Gosselin went broke after she realized that reality television isn’t actually much of a long-term career choice? Well, just because she doesn’t have any actual money doesn’t mean she’s just going to stop spending money! Because if the recession has taught us anything, it’s that paying for needlessly expensive, frivolous bullshit when you don’t have the means to pay for it works out great every time! So instead of spending money on feeding her eight kids, she decided that she desperately needs her bodyguard at all times because she’s a former reality cable TV star. SHE’S IMPORTANT YOU MEDIOCRE PEOPLE! RadarOnline reports:

Kate Gosselin has said that life without a reality star’s wages “is scary” since the end of her hit TLC show, Kate Plus Eight. But the working single mom, doesn’t seem to have cut back too much on her A-list lifestyle, including continuing to employ a bodyguard to “protect” her when she is out and about. As RadarOnline previously reported, Gosselin has pondered how she will be able to provide for her huge brood post TV. “The scary reality is, 12-hour nursing shifts every day wouldn’t let me continue to provide well for eight kids, essentially on my own. When you think about it that way, it gets really scary,” Kate said.

All right, so I know the rumor is that she’s actually banging her bodyguard Steve Neild, and for once, I seriously hope so, because if you think about it, paying for a bodyguard with sex is a LOT better than paying a bodyguard with money that should be going to feeding the eight kids you had for the sake of scoring a lucrative reality television gig.

Kate Gosselin and Steve Neild

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