kate havnevik’s melankton

good morning! i want to introduce kate havnevik to you all (join her on myspace) she’s an amazing singer / songwriter / composer who originally hails from oslo norway – she just released her debut album melankton last week here in the states (it was released about a year ago in norway) if you watch grey’s anatomy – you’ve already heard her song ‘timeless’ which was featured on the show (watch the clip) plus the show will be featuring two more kate songs including ‘so lo’ (being released via itunes) and ‘kaleidoscope’ – gosh i really hate to compare musicians but she’s got a really nice björk type vibe but a lot less eccentric and way more accessible! she’ll be touring with air for US dates in april & may which is a perfect concert combo! i’ve posted the audio for her song ‘unlike me’ below to give you a sampling of ms. havnevik!

plus to celebrate kate’s release i’ve got three copies of her album to toss out here on popbytes (keep in mind i don’t give out anything i don’t approve of myself) i know a lot of you will enjoy her! all you have to do is answer this question…what’s the inspiration for the album title melankton and what english phrase does it translate to? please send your answers to me at mk@popbytes.com – the first three people to answer correctly will win! good luck – oh yes i’ll update this post once i’ve got my winners! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

» listen to kate havnevik’s unlike me (.mp3)

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