Katy Perry dropped $50,000 on cooking lessons

Katy Perry and Elton John

Just to give you a glimpse into the crazed carnival ride that was last night’s Academy Awards after-parties, I’m giving you this story about Katy Perry getting tipsy and spending $50,000 on cooking lessons at Elton John‘s infamous Oscar bash while the world around her turns into a dadaist celebrity frenzy the likes of which you have never seen. From Us Weekly:

“Neil Patrick Harris was beat boxing while chef Cat Cora and David Burtka sang [Snoop Dogg’s] Drop It Like It’s Hot to sell a cooking experience during the auction,” an attendee tells Us Weekly. Perry stood up and waved a bid of $50,000, with Tisch eventually offering to fork over $80,000.

“Katy emptied her purse out jokingly for the cameras before she and Steve agreed to share the prize for $100,000,” the attendee adds. “Katy got up and hugged him delightedly. She seemed a bit tipsy, but not messy at all.”

Seriously, no part of that makes even a lick of sense. It’s like someone just took a bunch of celebrities, threw them in a bag with the Colonel’s secret mix of herbs and spices, and then just shook that bitch up until we got a crunch load of celebrity WTFness. And I kinda love it. I would seriously pay anything to see Cat Cora and David Burtka try to rap.

Katy Perry and Elton John

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