Sean Young got arrested at an Oscar bash!

Sean Young

So The Academy Awards were last night, and for once I skipped the whole thing because why take a test when you know all the answers? Anyway, there was one major surprise of the night, and it involved Sean Young allegedly slapping a guard outside of an Oscar party and then getting arrested. See people? This is what happens when you deny the grace and beauty of Sean the role of Catwoman. TMZ reports:

We’re told Sean was standing near the entrance of the Governors Ball, taking pictures with friends when security guards realized she didn’t have a ticket so they asked her to leave. We’re told Sean left but came back shortly thereafter, and when security asked her to leave again, a guard may have placed his hand on her arm when Sean allegedly slapped him. She was then placed under citizen’s arrest for battery.

In all honesty, if I had to place bets on who I thought would get arrested at The Oscars, it wouldn’t have been Sean, mostly because I have no clue what she would even be doing anywhere near the Oscars. Personally, my bet was on skinny Jonah Hill hallucinating everyone around him were actually juicy steaks a la Looney Toons and then getting arrested for trying to devour Angelina Jolie‘s leg.

Sean Young

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