Soooooo, This happened last night …

Alright, so after getting getting the furry puppet boot from Sesame Street, Katy Perry managed to snag a guest spot on The Simpsons‘ live-action puppet Christmas special, which totally makes sense considering that a Simpsons guest-spot is like a restraining order, or George Clooney‘s dick: Everyone in Hollywood gets it eventually, and they usually end up getting syphilis from it.

Katy Perry’s cleavage finally got to co-star with puppets on television. A month after parental objections shelved her racy singalong with Elmo on Sesame Street, the California Gurls singer made a spoof appearance on The Simpsons in another low cut gown. In the live action clip, Perry plays bartender Moe’s girlfriend, giving the puppet a very intimate hug to Mr. Burns – who gleefully responds, “I kissed a girl and I liked it,” a reference to Perry’s first hit song. SOURCE

You know, they really managed to capture the holiday spirit in this episode, in that all of my childhood Christmases usually ended with a puppet sticking its face in an irritating popstars cleavage and making motorboat noises. Throw in some parental disappointment and my grandmother proclaiming that she wants to smoke weed as her New Years resolution and this could pass as a home video.

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